ÉTATS-UNIS :: The first person president Donald Trump should ban from entering the US :: UNITED STATES
ÉTATS-UNIS :: The first person president Donald Trump should ban from entering the US :: UNITED STATES
ÉTATS-UNIS :: POINT DE VUE ÉTATS-UNIS :: The first person president Donald Trump should ban from entering the US :: UNITED STATES
  • Contributor : Leon Tuam
  • mardi 24 janvier 2017 12:00:37
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ÉTATS-UNIS :: The first person president Donald Trump should ban from entering the US :: UNITED STATES

During his electoral campaign for the White House, Donald Trump promised to stop Muslims from entering the US in order to protect his country from the threat or plague of terrorism. This statement generated waves of criticisms all over the world.

It is obvious that all Muslims are not dangerous; it is even very bad when people dare to think so. Terrorists can come from any corner of the world, from any country, any religion and culture, and can be well-educated people as ill-educated or illiterates. At times, people refuse obstinately to see or avow it.

To be honest, how can a fair and aware eye regard someone like Henri-Bernard Lévy? As a philosopher? As a writer? As a businessman? An Author? A well-educated and civilized person? Humanist? Oh, none of all the above. None.

Bernard-Henri Lévy is a famous world criminal and terrorist, not a famous philosopher as depicted by some corrupt social Medias across Europe and America. We’re living in a world where impostors and nonentities are praised and sublimated, while the honest and great are belittled and scorned.

What is Bernard-Henri Lévy’s worth, compared to French intellectuals that have won renown like, Gaston bachelor, Bergson, De Beauvoir, Merleau Ponty, Descartes, Montesquieu, Diderot, Camus, Victor Hugo, Montaigne, Rousseau, Blaise pascal, Sartre, Lévinas, Maupassant, Lévi-Strauss, Zola, etc. ? To say it like an African, “He cannot dare carry the bag of any of these guys”, indeed.

He has incited riots, violence and conflicts that have resulted in bloodsheds in Georgia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Iraq, etc. I can cite this remark made by him, “ISIS are good terrorists but bad fighters”. Is this man actually normal? Is there anything good left in him?

Does he have any thought for these innocent children and families crushed, bombed, decapitated, and dismantled by his friends? Where’s humanity in this man? What does he defend in his books, articles and speeches?

He regards himself as a great defender of the free world, of human rights and freedom, while having as good friends Qatari and Saudi authorities; countries where women have no rights and where barbarities and dictatorship are people’s daily meal and drink.

He won’t tell the world that his family fortune was founded on the destruction of vast African forests of Gabon, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, etc. and that they largely violated human rights there and enslaved the workers in order to have all that. All these riots and wars he keeps inciting here and there are to increase their fortune.

Why should president Trump absolutely ban this guy from entering the US? He must, and immediately, because he’s bringing what he’s successfully tried in other parts of the world to the USA.

Talking about the new president, his relations with Russia and his son-in-law, this is what he said this January 2017 on CNN, and I quote, “All this is very strange. And I don’t see … I am here since a few days. I have to be honest. I don’t see such a turmoil or such a stress about that. A president elected who owns, maybe, part of his election to the hacking of the system by the worst enemy of America? I thought I would find riots in the streets of Washington and of New York.”

Is USA really in decline as some tongues mutter? If not, would this world fire raiser and anarchist ever come and tell American people what to do? This is how he started in Libya, Georgia, Ukraine and other parts of the world, and as smokes and death consumed societies, he was nowhere to be found.

He stressed on CNN that president Trump’s actions were strange. Those who know Bernard-Henri Lévy understand clearly that all that is strange in this arsonist’s world is what does not serve his interests and those of his friends.

If all Washington, New York and other US major cities would burn down and he get what he wanted, he won’t care at all. He’d be completely at ease. Thus is this Stain (BHL) left on the French fascinating intelligentsia by the social Medias and pompously called “philosopher”; philosopher of atrocities and of doom.

If we were living in a fair world, a world nurtured on Justice, this man should not be free any more. Bernard-Henri Lévy is an impostor, a famous world terrorist, a skillful killer and robber. For destabilization attempt and what he plans still, this terrorist in disguise should be banned from entering the country or be arrested.

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