CAMEROUN :: Cameroon, Biya: Outraged by his own creature
CAMEROUN :: POINT DE VUE CAMEROUN :: Cameroon, Biya: Outraged by his own creature
  • Contributor : Olivier Tchouaffe, PhD, Spokesman Of The CL2P
  • lundi 08 janvier 2018 18:02:41
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CAMEROUN :: Cameroon, Biya: Outraged by his own creature

Many Cameroonians witnessed with glee as minister and griot in Chief Jacques Fame Ndongo was treated with nothing less than a rude handshake and asked to move on as quickly as possible. The president did not hide his outrage against his creature on national television. The president has not intent to lavish on his creature the attention he does not deserve after being screwed over by the computer’s fiasco.

First, however, this was the most extraordinary since Mr. Biya is famous for not holding ministerial council, does not receive his ministers, many of them has never met and does not even know him personally …We have to wait for a ceremony like this one to hope to deliver information to the boss. Indeed, Mr. Fame Ndongo no longer seems famous in the eyes of his creator. Implicit in the president’s rudeness and, in a normal country, Mr. Fame Ndongo should have given his demission already but we are not in a normal country.

The latest P.R with the president’s computer gift to Cameroonian students turned into a major fiasco to the point that the president did not even bother to include it in his laundry list of “accomplishments” during his New Year speech. Paul Biya is certainly angry because of the 500,000 computers he had promised to young people went below his own expectation. The students only received computers with 32 GB with windows 10 and updates that take more than half of the 32 GB. These are computers twenty years too late.
The students have now put these computers on sale on the market at a price range between 50,000 and 70,000 FCFA. Basically, kids tell them: « Your stuff is not worth much, but it can still provide some pocket money. »

The minister Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo is accountable for this scandal called “PB netbooks” with shoddy laptop gifted to students in place of real laptops that President Paul Biya had apparently instructed.

The central question is where is the money? Somebody turned the computer’s deal into some kind of cash grab. This is another example of a regime full of opportunistic crooks always looking to build an independent income stream from the state’s coffers.

In a normal country, action must be taken immediately, the Cameroonian state must denounce the contract PB Netbook with the Chinese; for fraud and corruption. If the order is for these Netbooks, the unit price should not exceed 30000 FCFA. In all cases, the scandal is so big that we must denounce the contract and the matching loan and ask the Chinese party to pay damages to the State of Cameroon. But we are not in a normal country, aren’t we? Nothing but good time ahead…

Some begin to visibly become aware of the extent of the problem, and are no longer just saying « we’ll do how », or celebrate the « great achievements » phantasmagorical Paul Biya.
The future of millions of young and old is singularly mortgaged by the catastrophic governance of this man, whether one is a fervent supporter of his thirty-year regime or not.
The time has come to reverse this situation!

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