Amba Fighters Resurface In Mamfe, Kill One

CAMEROUN :: Amba Fighters Resurface In Mamfe, Kill One :: CAMEROON

Gunmen who identified themselves as Ambazonia separatist fighters attacked Ibo quarter, Mamfe, on wednesday, jully 10, killed a man.

The unprecedented assault occurred along the Buea Ibo quarter, in front of Mamfe main gate  market at about 8:30pm, according to the police.

Musango Frelus, a native of Eyumojok, was the lone casualty of the incident. 

Based on eyewitness accounts, the attackers, set his car ablaze before pulling him out and gunning him down.

Hospital authorities also confirmed he had incurred some burns around the neck as well as injuries when he was brought in.

A police official in Mamfe told The team that two women, whose identities were yet unknown, were abducted during the attack and one survivor sustained an injury on the arm.

Six vehicles were vandalised in the attack: four got burned, two incurred some damages, the police added.

Attackers were dressed In Ambazonian Uniforms 

An eyewitness who was caught in the recent gunfire said he saw about seven heavily armed fighters dressed in kaki with blue flags. 

“One of them was holding a heavy machine gun which he placed on the ground and was firing. One of them shouted that anyone who ventures outside will be killed. They set fire on the vehicles which were in the middle of the road. There was a young man inside one of the vehicles. They asked him to come out but he refused so they set his car on fire, shot him and dragged him out of the car. That’s his blood there,” he told journalists.

The motive behind the attack remains uncertain, but the witness said the attackers claimed they wanted to reinforce  ghost towns.

“Their main reason was that people have not been respecting ghost towns which they instituted,” the eyewitness said.

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