A woman to appear in court for mandrill trafficking

CAMEROUN :: A woman to appear in court for mandrill trafficking :: CAMEROON

A woman shall be standing trail at the Court of First Instance of Djoum on August 31st to answer to charges of mandrill trafficking.

She was arrested on the 29th of June 2021 by wildlife officials of the Dja Biosphere Reserve, in collaboration with the Gendarmerie Brigade of Djoum as she attempted to sell a live baby mandrill.

The case will be heard for the fourth time after the third was adjourned to the 31st of August for all to be present for presentations of evidences and arguments. The presiding judge also demanded that another suspect and a representative from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife to appear in court before the trial continues.

The arrest was carried out with the technically assistance of LAGA a wildlife law enforcement organization that is equally assisting in the legal procedure of the case.

The mandrill is totally protected in the country and any illegal possession or trade in the species is punishable by the 1994 wildlife law governing the wildlife sector.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a significant number of arrests of mandrill traffickers carried out as compared to the same period last year. Many conservationists link the increasingly recurrent trade in mandrill to Covid-19. They say that Covid-19 obstructed many activities including the activities of wildlife traffickers.

For the situation to be redressed, according to these conservationists, law enforcement needs to step up operations with increase intensity while the courts hand down appropriate punishments against these traffickers

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