Documentary “In Beijing” shows the authentic Beijing

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"In Beijing" is a TV documentary series introducing the Chinese capital city culture. The program introduces Beijing gastronomy, housing, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment through the eyes of African hosts.
It contains 100 episodes of 10 minutes each. The show is produced by four languages, English, French, Portuguese and Swahili. 
The feature of the program is based on the host’s point of view. They will draw comparison with Africa culture to help audience understand more easily Chinese culture specificities.
The two main show hosts are Joëlle Zita Bola Bola from Gabon and Brice Icigumijefrom Burundi. They have lived in China for more than ten years and have a deep understanding of Chinese culture. 

In Beijing covers many themes, Forbidden city, Temple of heaven, Summer Palace, Beijing roast duck, Beijing embroidery, ceramics, Beijing time honored brands, Olympic Winter Games, Bird's nest, winter swimming etc.

In Beijing is broadcast widely on StarTimes network until mid-June.Audience can catch it on ST Novela E, ST Novela F, ST Novela P, ST Kungfu, ST Sino Drama, ST Swahili and ST Guide channels. The documentary series is also available on VOD on streaming app StarTimes ON. 

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