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  • lundi 22 octobre 2018 13:05:00
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Anyone who listened to Maurice Kamto on Equinox TV would have heard these words: “secession is not an option…they cannot win the war”. For those Ambazonians who were hoping that the struggle could be cut short by the victory of one of La Republique du Cameroun’s legal minds, they would be disappointed. They had thought that Kamto knows the facts and being a supposed legal mind, would accept the rule of law. Is Maurice Kamto not said to be “jurist magistral”? Is he not thought of as one of the best legal minds of La Republique du Cameroun?

These words, coming from his mouth, tell us that you can be a legal mind, but not necessarily believe in the rule of law; you can be a judge but still be a fraud. What has separated Ambazonians from La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) is that Ambazonians want the rule of law, but LRC wants to live in fraud and anarchy; Ambazonians want justice, but the other people want crockery!

Anyone who knows the history of the two countries, as we suppose Kamto knows, knows that the history has been a history of systematic fraud on the people of the Southern Cameroons. First, La Republique du Cameroun voted against Union with the Southern Cameroons in Res. 1608(XV) of 21 April 1961 and today, it is clinging to the Southern Cameroons; next, LRC unilaterally debated and adopted the so-called 1961 federation, which the Southern Cameroons’ parliament never passed into law. But La Republique is the one talking of an alleged 1961 federation. Then as a blindfold to Southern Cameroonians, LRC put in Article 47(1) of the so-called federal constitution the guarantee of indissolubility of the federation, only to abolish it a few years down the road, still with fraud. The abolition of the federation was an act of fraud against Southern Cameroonians in that it was a violation of the constitution; the federation was instituted only to protect Southern Cameroonians; you could not then ask those for whom the federation was never intended whether it should be abolished or not. Thus putting the referendum question to the entire population, of which Southern Cameroonians formed only a quarter, whether to abolish the federation or not, was a forgone conclusion and an act of fraud. Moreover, the questions on the paper in the Southern Cameroons were “Oui” or “Yes”, another act of theft. Of course, some can argue that changing the constitution required a referendum, but then not on a matter that did not concern the entire population. The federation was a protective measure for Southern Cameroonians, not for the people of Republique du Cameroun. So its abolition by the population of LRC could not be justified. And the reasons for changing the federation were never debated by the nation. But even more, after fraudulently abolishing the federation, they then instituted the “one and indivisible” Cameroon which they claim is not subject to debate today! We can all see that all of these systematic acts of fraud were premeditated to annex the Southern Cameroons!

How legal minded is Kamto when he pretends that he is not aware of these frauds or does not intend to undo them? He mentioned that he knows that there were mistakes in Foumban and that we can go back to revisit them, but as a legal mind, he equally knows that Foumban was an illegality to Southern Cameroonians. Why? Because under the Southern Cameroons Constitution Order in Council governing the Southern Cameroons then, Foncha had no jurisdiction over foreign affairs, defence and taxation. He was in Foumban on his own! Foumban was not the conference called for in para 5 of UNGA Res. 1608(XV) of 21 April 1961!

Here is Kamto who wants Biya and his Constitutional Council to do justice, but even before he has taken over, he is not prepared to do justice to the people of the Southern Cameroons! He has closed his eyes to the uncountable instances of systematic fraud against the people of the Southern

Cameroons! He has taken a stand even before he has bothered to fully understand the root causes of the Ambazonian crisis. So how different will Kamto be from Biya as far as the rule of law is concerned? Is he willing to respect any law with regard to this issue? Is he willing to publish the instruments of international law on the basis of which he is laying claim to the territory of the Southern Cameroons? Is he even willing to agree to mediation under international auspices? Is he willing to accept a UN-organised referendum on the matter of the Ambazonian crisis? Or has he made himself the law and decreed that “secession is not an option”?

See Kamto’s mind: the words “secession is not an option…they cannot win the war” tells you clearly that for Kamto, he will not submit to the rule of law for a solution; war is his solution! And since he believes Ambazonians cannot win the war, he will win the war and steal the Ambazonian territory! His idea is to ignore all the legal arguments, continue Biya’s unjust war, conquer Ambazonia by war and own it! Too unfortunate for Africa that those struggling to win power are more imperialist than the imperial powers! Too bad for Africa that it is its own sons who have become the new colonial masters over weaker neighbours. Too bad for Africa that it will remain in conflict, devastation and war because its own supposed best minds are not willing to live by the rule of law! Too bad, in fact, that Africa’s struggle against colonisation cannot help it not to become colonial masters! Who then can blame Biya if Kamto is promising to be just as lawless? The two are exactly the same to Ambazonians! Why will they not call Africans “shit whole” countries? Why will Africa not receive the worst insults, when its own so-called educated minds are the brains behind the subjugation and domination of other Africans?

Yes, Mr. Kamto, while you fight for justice, know that all human beings love justice, even Ambazonians! Accept to do justice also, even to Ambazonians! You say we should give up the struggle because we cannot win the war. How easily have you found it to give up the struggle at the Constitutional Court? We say our struggle will continue because it is just and holy, and you know it! Slaves did not get liberated because they became more powerful than their masters; Africa was not free from colonial occupation because it was more powerful than European powers or could win European powers at war. Yes, we may not win the war, but you will not seize our space of existence on earth by fraud and theft. We shall win, the same way as Africa won its struggle against colonisation. If you become the president of neighbouring Cameroon, we invite you to sit down with Ambazonians and understand them; but never to tell us to give up our country to your own! We invite you to remember your own struggle before the Cameroon Constitutional Council for justice and then know the demand of Ambazonians for justice from Cameroun also! We are willing to talk in peace with you and appeal to you not to promise to be so unjust and cruel to Ambazonians even before you have taken power. Our allegiance is to our own country, Ambazonia, not to La Republique du Cameroun! We want to fly our own flag; sing our own anthem, live under our own laws, not the laws of colonial Cameroun! We have never been one country, and you know it! The same tokens by which La Republique du Cameroun declares itself a sovereign country are exactly the same tokens by which we claim our external self-determination. You know it and we know it. Let us live and let live.

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