CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Politics, Identity, Mentality, and the Anglophone Problem
CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Politics, Identity, Mentality, and the Anglophone Problem
CAMEROUN :: SOCIETE CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Politics, Identity, Mentality, and the Anglophone Problem
  • Contributor : Olivier Tchouaffe PhD, Spokesman Of The CL2P And Joel Didier Engo President Of The C2LP
  • mardi 12 juin 2018 16:44:40
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CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Politics, Identity, Mentality, and the Anglophone Problem

The denial of the Anglophone problem by intellectuals and academics close to the regime in Yaoundé has unfortunately turned into a quasi-official position of the government reflecting anti-minority and genocidal politics sought by the hawk of the Biyas’s dictatorship.

This is a cause of major concern:

– First the use of genocidal politics must be viewed in the context of colonial legacy backed by global corporate capitalism and imperial militaristic war machines to legitimate the colonial division of labor, exploitation and genocidal politics that were used by colonial power to justify slavery, forced labor, and crime against humanity

. Referring to our Anglophone brothers and sisters in patronizing colonial language and genocidal threats is repugnant and unacceptable for anybody and even worse for somebody who has the credentials to know better. This state of affairs demonstrates that the individual preferring this kind of menace does not understand how his own identity and mentality relate to that history of slavery anti-black and genocidal politics.

This kind of conspiratorial manipulative practice and the paranoia of the “enemy within” is a permanent position of ethno-fascist politicians who cannot understand that political difference can be settle by something other than violence. Because that mentality is also supported by the privatization of the state and war machines, the ethnofacist has a problem to understand the concept of oppositional politics within logic of contribution.

For them, the category of the “opponent” is by nature a bio political category that must be exterminated. Within that logics, all forms of opposition are persona none grata and they are ready to take the country to hell If needs be to make that happen. At the core, ethnofascism is driven by an intellectual laziness and a moral bankruptcy unable to grasp the complexities of politics and its simple truths.

– The crucial question is where do we go from here?

With the ethnofacists there are no incentives for a real politics of peace and development. However, let us have the courage to say to ethno fascists that the current impasse of repression inevitably leads Cameroon towards an internationalization of Anglophone crisis, at the end of which could be opposed (or even imposed) the right to self-determination for the oppressed Anglophone minority.

Indeed no reasonable person could or should resign themselves to the idea of partition which is dangerously becoming a reality in Cameroon. Because this country is (also) our Common House, Francophones and Anglophones of all tribes, .ethnicities, regions, and religions must stand united because we owe our Anglophone brothers and sisters our solidarity.

But we must admit the reality that we have a tough road ahead. The government of this country seems literally taken hostage by reactionary pyromaniac arsonist who pretend to be republicans and free thinkers, yet still feeding the tribal genocidal politics, sectarianism, and denial of the English-speaking problem in the media and stinking up the whole place.

History however is on our side

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