CAMEROUN :: Cameroon, Nganang / Obam Assam: Perpetual Denial of Reality in Appeased Democracy
CAMEROUN :: POINT DE VUE CAMEROUN :: Cameroon, Nganang / Obam Assam: Perpetual Denial of Reality in Appeased Democracy
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CAMEROUN :: Cameroon, Nganang / Obam Assam: Perpetual Denial of Reality in Appeased Democracy

This past week in Cameroon, the extra-judiciary arrest of Dr. Patrice Nganang and the putrid performance of the Honorable senator from the deep south, Samuel Obam Assam pull the sheet off the regime of Yaoundé atavistic practices and derelictions of duty the CL2P claimed is even below the standard the regime of Yaoundé usually displayed because it immediately makes apparent the politics of denial and personal destruction the regime of Yaoundé is now engaging in:

Yaoundé, the Conspiratainment Industrial Complex, and Paranoid Style of Government

Even though the regime of Yaoundé is on record to sale the brand of “Appeased democracy,” there are many derelictions of duty due to the conspiratorial nature of the regime and its paranoid style of government. The president 84 years old and 35 in power, enjoyed the company of two-face Negroes, their gossips and stabbing in the backs on their college to prove their loyalties and have access to the “mangeoire.”

There are laws on the books regarding “outrage” which allow the president to arrest any Cameroonians whereas he does not like what they are saying. This conspiratorial mindset is due to the fact that from the beginning people defined as the opposition were never ever considered to be in the logic of contribution. Anything that reeks of “opposition” is a direct attack not only on the regime but on the president himself. This explains why it is not too hard to unpack the Honorable senator, Samuel Mvondo Assam’s spiel, that English speaking Cameroonians must be exterminated on the order of the president and will instruct his son to get the job done! What the honorable seems not to understand is that exterminating political opponents come at a cost: First, the regime that it serves with a passion was installed by the French colonial Army and that president Emmanuel Macron is very unlikely to send French troops again to save a fossilized, calcified, and ossified gerontocratic regime this time. Second, Obam Assam would certainly have to answer for his crimes in front of the International Human Right Court in La Haye.

Don’t hate the players, Hate your own “creatures”, Do not imprison Voltaire!

It should be obvious that not all Cameroonians are “creatures” of Paul Biya. Dr. Patrice Nganang is certainly not one of them. Pr. Nganang is a “player.” A Player is a person participating in a system over which he has no control. ‘The game’ is that system. In the case of Pr. Nganang, he defines himself as the product of the slums of “Nkomkana” who rose from an underprivileged background to be become an accomplished writer, a well-respected full professor and human right activist. Because Dr, Nganang comes from Nkomkana, it’s implied that he is a man committed to the hard work and discipline of his craft; and cannot possibly feel respect for a regime of bottom-feeding parasites. Put bluntly, the lesson for the regime means: don’t get mad at or be envious of others because of your own shortcomings or failure to achieve certain goals.

Hence, for a regime that seems to regard every single Cameroonians as the “creature” of Paul Biya. Pr. Nganang’s independence and self-confidence can ruffle a lot of feathers in Yaoundé, however, it is not a reason to arrest him. Even a fake democracy requires a minimum of tolerance of dissent. Thus, a regime that does not tolerate any forms of dissent cannot call itself democratic.

Judgement and Accountability: So a word to the wise!

The regime of Yaoundé seems always to be subject of events and never proactive because of an atavistic inability to tell the truth and being honest with itself. The Anglophone crisis could have certainly been avoided. It is now long overdue that this regime needs to invest in recognizing reality. Old fictions such as a “united and indivisible” Cameroon are luxury that the country can no longer afford and that why Pr. Nganang was trying to tell you. By working on fantasies rather than facts, the country of our dreams are slowly disappearing. So a word to the wise!

The Commitee For The Release of Polical Prisoners

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