Omer FOTSING : The Huawei Cameroon trailblazer thinks big.

CAMEROUN :: Omer FOTSING : The Huawei Cameroon trailblazer thinks big.

As a devoted and hardworking person, Omer Fotsing joined Chinese based ICT Company, Huawei in Cameroon in 2006. 
In an interview granted to the press, Omer narrates his story as an accomplished employee who followed a step by step career in abid to attain the status he occupies today.

“I do remember that I joined Huawei on the 10th of March 2006. I was very excited to join Huawei as I knew Huawei is an international company. For me, it was the beginning of a beautiful venture. I Joined Huawei through a competitive recruitment and went through the various stages of this process. We were selected five (5) of us to join the company.” He said.

He who started as an application and software engineer in 2006, now tops the position of CAMTEL Account Delivery Head, thanks to earnest efforts over the past years.
Omer Fotsing, the Key Account Delivery Head at Huawei Cameroon is now a senior staff. He retraces his 15 year rich and long career as he emerged as one of those who are well placed to make in-depth descriptions of how Huawei Grow in Cameroon.
He recounts his numerous adventures within the company: “In 2007, I was sent to Gabon to have a workshop with one of our customers (Libertis). I had the responsibility to introduce a new technology solution to the customer. I had to use less than a week to master all details of the technology and the solution. I was quite afraid since my mastery of this solution was still low, but Huawei mobilized experts in a very short time to give me intensive trainings, in order to help me build up the necessary potentials before the day of the workshop. And I did it! At the end of the workshop all the customers stood up and gave me a standing ovation. That was a so touching moment for me and it gave me, more than ever a great motivation. This particular experience made me to build more trust and confidence in my job. I was so proud to work with Huawei!”

The veteran staff has over the past years that make up his fruitful career within Huawei, witnessed various transformative changes and technological developments undertaken at all levels in Cameroon. He has series of best practices to share with the younger generations and those interested to pursue an enriching career and who wish to enlarge their portfolios in the domain of information and communication technologies.

Omer Fotsing added: “Also, in 2008, during my first encounter as Project Manager, I had to do a swap project from an existing vendor to Huawei core network equipment in Orange Cameroon. It was a great challenge and the customer’s team was very much involved too. We had series of trials and we really wanted to achieve good results. When the first call was made through Huawei equipment, we got lot of excitement both from the customer and my company Huawei. We had a positive feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Such memories, I can’t forget them in this beautiful journey with Huawei Cameroon.”
Described as someone who is calm and discrete by nature, Omer Fotsing is a pioneer in his domain. On daily basis, he leads a great team and most importantly, he is very close to his clients.  With time, he has braced up challenges linked to his job and by the way, he has integrated values of Huawei which are mainly focused on customers’ priority. 

Huawei’s Cameroonian born employee, Omer Fotsing is reported to be amongst those whom the company’s Heads are proud of. 
“After all these years, I can say that the Huawei culture is quite special and particular in the sense that, first of all, it is a pure objective driven environment. Secondly, our customers are the only and only reason of our existence. Thirdly, the last but not the least and which is even the key is that, facing a problem or a challenge at work is not a problem, the problem is rather not being able of finding suitable solutions to solve the problem.”. He stated.
He equally stressed on the fact that Huawei’s policies are quite different from several ICT companies he knows, simply through-out its stated objectives and the dire need to put at the core centre employees.

“Through my experience and my interaction with other partners from other companies I do think that employees from Huawei have a different mind-set just because they are objectives driven and results oriented. Employee’s satisfaction is a continuous objective. Huawei Cameroon is aware of that and several actions are frequently carried-out such as surveys on the organization’s environment; the voice of employees are heard during business unit or department meetings; team building and out of office activities as well as frequent communication are encouraged.” Omer said.

The coronavirus pandemic that affected countries worldwide was not left aside during the interview granted openly by Huawei’s Omer Fotsing.
“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Huawei ensured the health and safety of employees through different ways; Massive sensitization campaigns, distribution of sanitary kits, checking of temperature before acceding offices, the distribution of hand sanitizers in all offices and public spaces, special work arrangement for all personnel to void any risk etc.”

As a husband and father of 5 children, Omer is said to be a clear indication of the company’s value in integrating local employees through a carrier path at Huawei. And thus, the contribution of Huawei as local employer. 

He however in the interview granted acknowledged the fact that, thanks to Huawei, he has been able to benefit from a stable life.
“Huawei granted to my family and I more stability. I am also very grateful to my family for all the support given and all the efforts undertaken. Moreover, when discussing with my family about Huawei, they have 2 feelings: First, they are happy and very supportive. The second feeling is like I have very few time for them. I usually spend some time with them, but they really understand imperatives of my job and we still find some other means for happy moments. I think, I have to make an improvement in that area.”

According to the devoted and passionate staff of Huawei Cameroon, the journey is yet to begin as his motivation keeps growing in order to serve well customers and to bring in more contributive efforts at his level.

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