CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Embarrassing Judicial Spectacle in Yaoundé
CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Embarrassing Judicial Spectacle in Yaoundé
  • Contributor : By Olivier J. Tchouaffe, PhD, Spokesman of the CL2P and Joel Didier Engo, Président of CL2P
  • vendredi 19 octobre 2018 15:06:00
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CAMEROUN :: Cameroon: Embarrassing Judicial Spectacle in Yaoundé

As expected, the constitutional council, which has been in power for the 36-year-old regime, has rejected entirety the motion for partial annulment of President-elect Maurice Kamto

Indeed, the legal and despotic so-called post electoral contentious legal debate was nothing but a spectacle of incantations of the representatives of the Yaoundé regime and its outgrowths of Elécam or the Ministry of Territorial Administration and a form of self-inflicting torture.

It is here that we must face the difficult truth: Barring a related disaster of some sort, the verdict of this constitutional council subordinated to the tyrant is not in the shadow of a doubt.

More to the point, the fact that many ordinary Cameroonians seem to be slowly going insane. But first, can we talk about how embarrassing this legal despotism really is? The CL2P is deeply concerned for our political culture. When you look at an authoritarian gerontocrat as a religious icon and a “prophet”, you’re doing something wrong.

While the prophet attempts to “rise above the fray,” his mean goons are selling fear and paranoia, whipping out propaganda such as “putchist”, “tribalist” and launching a series of attack ads claiming anyone opposing the “prophet” is indeed a minion of Satan. Thus, the first to surrender all pretense of upholding democracy and human rights and not the opposition. As Prof. Kamto exposed them as pathological liars and cheats, they now find themselves caught in their own web of deceit and delusion. The “prophet” was never a reformist and was never going to drain the swamp of Yaoundé with is so Called “rigor” and “Renewal.”

What is taking place is the political and the judicial order being transformed into an inquisition where any form of dissent must be severely punish. In these tensions, the questions relating to the scope of the authority of the “prophet” is not even an issue. The CL2P, however, owes no allegiance to these kinds of blasphemies.

If you’re still looking for an illustration of how the rule of law collapses, the electoral contentious debate is one straight from the horse’s mouth. At this point, a good lawyer, such as prof.Kamto, might rest his case because this sucker just can’t stop lying.

The rest is just a celebration of obscene immortality and undeadens turning the country into a Zombified nation.

Thus, this crisis opens a post-election crisis in Cameroon that may go well beyond the recurring issue of the legality and / or legitimacy of the president of this country, to take the form of a general conflagration that the gerontocrats of Yaoundé believe they can avoid by armed repression.

Because this new electoral hold-up endorsed unsurprisingly by a subordinate constitutional council, sounds like a true declaration of war is now made to all the citizens of this country in love with democracy, especially those settled in his diaspora who have long believed in the possibility peaceful alternation in Cameroon. Clearly it is unthinkable under or with the totalitarian regime of Paul Biya

The predictable junction of English and French resistance against this tyranny carries the seeds of a dislocation from which this regime and its fiercest supporters will not come out winners.

In reality and let’s say it once and for all in a direct way: most of us forced sometimes for decades either to exile, to arbitrary sequestrations, or to the so-called legal and republican marginalization; have absolutely nothing to lose: Resist in honor or Die in dishonor.

Let everyone take full responsibility! The days of unitary council meetings are unfortunately over. Democrats cannot associate with or be associated with apologists for ethnic hatred and perpetual tyranny, even within the « family ».

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