Françafrique and the Neocolonial state in Africa

Françafrique and the Neocolonial state in Africa :: AFRICA

In his latest book Neither Settler nor Native, Ugandan scholar Mahmood Mamdani argues that the nation-state and the settler colony happened to each other in tandem. Both the colonial state and the nation state were built around the politics of an ethnic or religious majority at the expense of an arbitrarily constructed minority. At the heart of the matter is how the politicization of identity – and of ethnicities – and genocide are at the heart of the creation of the nation-state.

As such, the CL2P has always worked for an « epistemic revolution », in which humans come to see themselves as « survivors of a story » rather than victims in an endless cycle of violence.

At the CL2P, we recognize human agency, and we are not simply toys of stronger and broader structural and abstract forces like Francafrique. Because Françafrique cannot be the only horizon assigned to French-speaking Africans.

In international relations, no partner should consider himself indispensable and irreplaceable …

Because all countries, including the poorest, obey – when they have legitimate rulers – first the pursuit and then the preservation of their own interests.

This is how France conceives its foreign policy, regardless of the political color of its successive leaders.

France must finally admit that many of its former colonies are doing the same, without permanently investigating a trial for « anti-French feeling » or making miserable blackmail at the termination of a derisory aid to development which has benefited little. to the populations, but to an African elite complexed and corrupted to the core.

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