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A Cameroonian resident for 19 years in Japan, M. Aristide F. is under an arbitrary and abusive and inappropriate decision of confinement in inhuman conditions and deportation for 17 August to Cameroon, a malicious manoeuver of some authorities of the immigration services involving M. Shomojo MASAMUNE and Ms UNMEINO joined by Mrs KIHARE and M. KUSUMOTO.

Mr. Aristide F. E. is an honest, peaceful citizen, father of two children of Japanese nationality, who has not committed any crime, but who has been improperly detained at the closed Center of Narita Airport, while he normally responded to a summons from the immigration services, after his day work.

A peaceful permanent resident:

M. Aristide F. E., 54 years old, of Cameroonian nationality lived peacefully in Japan since 1999, working legally and paying his taxes. He hold a permanent resident in Japan; is a father of two Japanese children, divorced since 2008 of his wife, a Japanese born, who he meet when they were student in Italy. He speaks French, English, Japanese and Italian. He is the cofounder and first President of the Cameroonian Association of Cameroonians living in Japan.

False allegation and inappropriate decision:

These agents, under false pretexts such as “lack of re-entry visa of 30 yen”, "obstruction of immigration inspectors", "refusal to board the Ethiopian Air 762 flight to execute deportation orders", "malicious remarks and arrogance" of my brother, have taken legal steps to deport him from Japan on August 17, on the basis of Article 24, para 5 (2) of the Immigration Control & Refugee-Recognition Act.

These agents also decided to cancel by perforation M. Aristide F. E.’s permanent residence permit No. FU64181335ED, which was valid until May 27, 2021.

Inhumane conditions of confinement:

Mr. Aristide F. E. was arbitrarily detained, isolated from external contact, detained in inhumane conditions: locked up in a room at the end of the runway at Narita Airport, where he suffered plane noises 18 hours a day, and this nearly FIVE months.

During his five-month confinement, my brother, whom we are looking for everywhere, and who was cut off from all contact with the outside, could not be informed of the death of our father in Cameroon on May 28th, nor of his burial. He only was information after his provisional release on 20 July 2018.

After discussions with M. Aristide F.E., we can confirm that to date, Mr. Aristide F. E. is in a fragile psychological state, sick and morally depressed, because of acts of moral and psychological torture and terror that he experienced. Mr. Aristide F. E. must certainly undergo a serious medical follow-up.

No legal counsel from his Lawyer:

M. Aristide F. E. was unfortunately unable to be validly defended by his counsel, Mr Kim SUHYONG from the Hiroo Park Las Firme, to whom he nevertheless paid a sum of USD 6700 (six thousand seven hundred) and who saw him only once in eight months of proceedings. His letter to his lawyer was forwarded to the Japanese Administration. He did not appear before any court or magistrate. This lack of legal defence also facilitated the non-renewal of the residence permits of his Ethiopian companion, of which he is the financial guarantor/sponsor, and their 8-year-old son, André Gregory, born in Japan. Therefore, we maintain that the decision against him was taken without Mr. Aristide F. E. having been able to validly defend himself and benefit from a fair trial, fair and worthy of a great democracy like Japan.

Legally speaking, and reading the texts, Mr. Aristide F. E., does not meet the conditions of deportation stipulated in the decision nr 10010 of 13 April 2018, Article 24, and mainly, paragraph 5 (2) of the Immigration Control & Refugee- Recognition Act) which evokes the cases of foreign residents who have not respected their matrimonial obligations for six months (Note from the Ministry of Justice of July 2012: For the very most, the deportation decision could have invoked Article 22-4 § 1, which indicates the conditions of revocation of residence, and which could have led to the deportation of the concerned person (Click here). However, on examination, the situation of Mr Aristide F. E. Case does not correspond to any of the referenced cases for revocation of the residence.

Moreover, because of his attachments (father of children of Japanese nationality), he can be considered among the cases which the Japanese courts can not easily revoke the status of residence (see Art 24-5, refer to the article 22-2 and 22-1 of the Immigration Control & Refugee-Recognition Act); Note from the Ministry of Justice of July 2012 « Specific examples of foreign nationals whose status of residence is not revoked… ».

Hidden reasons for deportation:

Moreover, since 2012, Mr. Aristide F. E. suffers from the absence of his two 18- and 14-year-old Japanese sons, whom he has been looking for since 2012, and who has been removed from his care by his ex-wife, with the support of Japanese social services, according to the concerned.

Mr. Aristide F. E. leads activist activities against racism and negrophobia in Japan. What in reality may have been one of the reasons for his inappropriate decision for deportation. The accusation of arrogance may rely on his civil rights activist activities.

Finally, there is no criminal act committed that justifies an extreme solution of deportation, for a citizen, who in addition, to have deep family ties to Japan, has contributed by its activities (60 hours of work per week), the shining of the economic and socio-cultural life in Japan.

The Negrophobia Observatory in Europe do not want to believe that the deportation of Mr. Aristide F. E. aims to remove him from his Japanese children, who today, at the time of their majority, can legally emancipate themselves from their mother and find their father.

In conclusion:

The Negrophobia Observatory in Europe acknowledged the fact that the deportation decision has now been transformed into a voluntary departure, which was never requested by M. Aristide F. E.
The Observatory, with the support of the Embassy of Cameroon in Japan, request the followings:

  • Annulment of the deportation decision nr 10010 of 13 and 26 April 2018;
  • Regularization of Mr. Aristide F. E.’s permanent residence permit and his family resident status;
  • Medical follow up for moral and psychological acts of torture;
  • Locate his Japanese children and put them in touch with their father.

The Negrophobia Observatory in Europe count on the understanding and magnanimity of the Japanese Administration.

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