ROYAUME-UNI :: Great Britain-Cameroon:Prof. Maurice Kamto Draws a Full House in London :: UNITED KINGDOM
ROYAUME-UNI :: Great Britain-Cameroon:Prof. Maurice Kamto Draws a Full House in London :: UNITED KINGDOM
ROYAUME-UNI :: POLITIQUE ROYAUME-UNI :: Great Britain-Cameroon:Prof. Maurice Kamto Draws a Full House in London :: UNITED KINGDOM
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ROYAUME-UNI :: Great Britain-Cameroon:Prof. Maurice Kamto Draws a Full House in London :: UNITED KINGDOM

For the past four weeks, a team of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has been touring Europe in a brave attempt to persuade the Cameroonian diaspora to take more interest in the troubled political process in Cameroon.

Before arriving in the United Kingdom on the 29th June, the delegation headed by Prof Maurice Kamto and Hon. Lazare Soub had been to Belgium, Holland, Germany and France. They were welcomed and guided by a strong and enthusiastic team of local party activists led by the European coordinator Henri Djoko. In each of the countries visited, the CRM delegation repeated the drill which included meetings with international press and the Cameroonian diaspora in Europe.

The message was also consistent and clear with Prof. Maurice Kamto presenting the party progress and the challenges his party encountered since its inception in 2012. He reported that that the race for peaceful change was gaining momentum in Cameroon with the party now firmly implemented across the national triangle of Cameroon. Furthermore, he explained that despite fraud being so openly embedded in the current electoral code, the CRM has so far managed to secure several council seats as well as a representation in the Cameroonian parliament.

Several meetings also involved one to one encounters with leaders of Cameroonian associations and where possible efforts were made to reach out to the Cameroonian diplomatic representation such as H.E Daniel Evina Abe'e in Brussels and H.E. Nkwelle Ekaney in London.

By far the most significant meetings were those with the Cameroonian diaspora who turned out in droves to listen to Prof. Maurice Kamto’s synthesis of the five pillars that make up the CRM vision for Cameroon. He elaborated on the Republican Pact, the Production Pact, the Youth and Education Pact, the Solidarity Pact and the Strategic Pact with the diaspora.

Prof. Kamto stressed that it was imperative for all Cameroonians to register to vote and to encourage family members to do the same as soon as possible. Furthermore, he made an unreserved plea for contributions to his ongoing push for peaceful change. He cited Barack Obama who rejected public funds in favour of donations by ordinary American citizens, he therefore called all Cameroonians to contribute what they can. For instance, if every adult gave the equivalent of just two beers once a year, the CRM would raise what is required to carry the message of hope to every Cameroonian deep inside the remote areas of the national triangle.

The meeting at the Excel-London Complex was a true testimony of the support Prof Maurice Kamto enjoys in the diaspora. The UK Representative of the CRM Alain Mbe indicated that his team had to stop registering people because the capacity of the meeting hall had been exceeded. It was obvious that all seats were taken and Mr Mbe conceded that while Excel-London is the right sort of venue for a political heavy weight like Prof. Maurice Kamto, a bigger hall will be required next time in order to accommodate everyone that wishes to attend.

Following the exchange of questions and answers with the audience, Prof. Maurice Kamto’s closing remarks centered around the necessity for Cameroonians to get

involved in the political process. He insisted that while he is inviting Cameroonian to subscribe and enrich the vision of the CRM, the call for now is for everyone to spread the word that electoral registration is the minimum every Cameroonian can do regardless of political allegiance.

The meeting ended with a brief interview to the press present before retiring for a much deserved rest. The audience was left to network while enjoying item eleven of the meeting’s agenda.

CRM-UK, London

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