CAMEROUN :: The CL2P, Trickle Down Economy and Social Justice in Cameroon
CAMEROUN :: SOCIETE CAMEROUN :: The CL2P, Trickle Down Economy and Social Justice in Cameroon
  • Contributor : Olivier Tchouaffe, PhD, Spokesman Of The CL2P
  • dimanche 10 décembre 2017 12:45:59
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CAMEROUN :: The CL2P, Trickle Down Economy and Social Justice in Cameroon

The CL2P celebrates excellence anywhere it can find it. However, the recent defenders of the children of high ranking officials, including the president of the country, and their candidacies to the country major and highly selective schools for cadres of the Cameroonian administration have used the argument of equality of access, trickle down economy and noblesse oblige to justify these forms of candidacies in a demagogic and self-destructive fashion.

While it is true that these practices can be recorded in Cameroonian’s private enterprises and Non-Governmental Associations, such as the CL2P, the same cannot be said of the Cameroonian government. First, mainly because, one kind of so-called divinely ordained ruling family monopolizes state resources since at least 1982. So, the idea that the playing field in Cameroon’s educational and access to upward mobility is pretty much a Non sequitur and nullifies any argument of fairness. If, in principle, all Cameroonians are endowed of the same rights on paper, in practice, one cannot do away with the multiples forms of inequalities that structure the educational and labor markets in the country and explain the asymmetrical power in accessing resources in the country. We are aware that one of these privileged few are accustomed us to air her patriotic fatwas on social media but she owes ordinary Cameroonians the reasons that are led her to consider the School of Public Administration and Magistrate as her choice. Otherwise, it is hard to cast aside the idea that she is in fact usurping the spot of many more deserving ordinary Cameroonians in a country where the statistics of unemployment have been stubbornly high for decades cruelly reducing ordinary Cameroonians’ margin of manoeuver in the labor market up to none.

In fact, these kinds of admission cast a pall of illegitimacy on achievements that might have been, otherwise, legitimate. Moreover, it forces the administrators of these schools to lie about what they are doing which is a dereliction of educational integrity. These administrators have to lie because it will become increasingly difficult to prove that they are acting on a set of neutral rules where ordinary Cameroonians are all treated equally irrespective of political connections. More, attention should be paid to other forms of jobs and contribution to society beyond the confine to the selective bureaucracy to diversify an economy in dire need of diversification.

These processes go at the heart of the nature of social dialogue in Cameroon, the ownership and distribution of resources and how the state policies and infrastructures in terms of education and labor. As with the knowledge that educational and labor policies are always conflictual as Affirmative Action and Change in labor Law in France, more recently, are facing strong resistance. Hence, the CL2P understands that bringing attention to working-class issues is not a luxury. The CL2P is aware that ordinary Cameroonians are really hurting and demagoguery and propaganda can no longer cover up Cameroonian’s politician’s inadequacies. Politically, the country is at an endgame and even some reactionary nationalism thrown in will not do. That is it. There is nothing astounding about what is happening now; the entire political system needs an enema to flush out all of the corruption and money that is allowing to plod along on this track.

This sad state of affairs go beyond one single person.

It is a systemic problem and the idea that Cameroon would be doing okay if it weren't for one person, is actually incredibly insulting. I think this is hard for so many folks in the country to understand. Probably because staying the CPDM’s line course rather than critical thinking is much easier, since, the status quo, unfortunately, provide to many a sense of security. The CL2P, however, believe that much more humility and empathy is required for all of us to survive at this crucial point of political degeneracy.

Thus, the CL2P understands that politics are processes by which we determine general will of the people. It happens in families, offices, and across nations. It is an inherent dynamic of human interaction and can be as egalitarian as friends decided which restaurant to meet for lunch or autocratic control of a vicious dictatorship. In the absence of sufficient balance, power tends to corrupt even those with "good intentions." Arguably our greatest challenge as individuals and societies is use power in ways that are both wise and fair. Attempting to create a just social contract such as a bill of rights reduces the opportunity for abuse by a tyranny of a majority and majority rule attempts to keep political powers in balance, as does division of powers.

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