CAMEROUN :: Cameroonians has failed Cameroon.
CAMEROUN :: POINT DE VUE CAMEROUN :: Cameroonians has failed Cameroon.
  • Contributor : Foligar Lang
  • jeudi 05 juillet 2018 13:05:22
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CAMEROUN :: Cameroonians has failed Cameroon.

We have engaged ourselves in greediness, Bribery and corruption, Jealousy, Hatred and lies has turn to dominate our character. We should be mindful as the country is a sinking ship in our hands as we don't care about the future generations. 

Our parents have trained us in the wrong ways without enhancing us with creativity. Up to now there are a lot of graduates and post graduates but there is no such thing like a "Made in Cameroon" everyone wants to work for the government as our fathers has always done and trained us to do. 

We have betrayed ourselves, we have betrayed the Nation and we have betrayed the generations to come. What a shame. We have clinked on to the Biyas regime for 37 years until now that he has begun killing our people that's when we are getting up from slumber. 

I pity some of us in the diaspora who use to cling around chanting the CPDM claiming membership and position in Europe and America giving motion of support because their parents are working with the Biya's regime and siphoning money to their individual families. To them the rest can die. Now the Terminator Pig has risen against them with no pity or sorrow. Cameroonian should endeavour to wake up from slumber. Make your name don't depends on you fathers name has made by stealing and taking bribe from grass root citizens. It’s because I love you all and that's why i got your time. 


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