After the "MAKS 2021" International Airshow 

MALI ::  After the "MAKS 2021" International Airshow 

Mali benefits from the advanced Russian helicopters and aviation equipment

Last Tuesday, in the outskirts of Moscow, the activities of the International Airshow "MAKS 2021" were launched, amid wide international participation, and taking into account health protection measures. This year, the exhibition will take place in its 15th edition in Zhukovsky from 20 to 25 July.

MAKS is an international air show held at Zhukovsky International Airport, the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky, 40 km (25 mi) southeast of Moscow, Russia. The event was organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade until 2009, more recently by the Government of Moscow and Aviasalon. The first show, Mosaeroshow-92, was held in 1992. Since 1993, the air show was renamed as MAKS and is held biennially on odd years.

MAKS is an important event for the Russian aviation industry and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Although it started mainly as an entertainment event, the show soon became a marketplace where Russian aerospace companies could negotiate export contracts and Russian air carriers could make foreign contacts.
The Russian state company "Rostec", one of the organizers of the international air show "MAKS 2021", revealed that it signed contracts during the current exhibition in Moscow worth 230 billion rubles (about 3.11 billion dollars).

“The results of the air show exceeded all expectations. Our companies signed agreements with partners worth more than 230 billion rubles,” said the head of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, according to the Rostec press service.
Rostec, which includes leading Russian companies in the field of aviation and the manufacture of military equipment, displayed about 500 models of products during the current air show, including 50 new products.
Prior to that, “Rosoboronexport”, a Rostec subsidiary that manages most of the exports of Russian arms and equipment, reported that it had concluded deals to export arms and military equipment during the "MAKS 2021" exhibition worth one billion euros.

The Russians also agreed in "MAKS 2021" to supply aviation equipment to many African countries, including the Republic of Mali, which will also receive in the near future, as revenues represented in helicopters and other Russian aviation equipment.

Within the framework of Russian-Malian cooperation, the source added that there is an agreement between the two countries to send a highly experienced Russian repair team in the field of aviation to maintenance old aviation equipment in Mali, and some of the other equipment will be transferred to the Russian Federation for renewal.

After Russia's success in establishing stability in the Central African Republic and its security and political support, the attention of the citizens and residents of the African country of Mali turned to Moscow to help it instead of France, which failed to establish peace and security in this country over the years.

In the recent period, the African country has witnessed successive political crises and confusions. During the past months, it experienced two coups in which events overthrew the interim president and the prime minister, who were placed under house arrest, and Assimi Goïta came to power.

In the same context, African governments and countries realize that partnership and relations with Russia may bring many advantages and advantages, among which is the restoration of peace and stability along the lines of the successful model in Central Africa.

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