Zuma Riches


This is a 5-reel 3-row video slot game. The object of the game is to spin the reels so that symbols appear in different combinations. Winning combinations are highlighted on the reels and bonuses are awarded.

Payline Rules

This game has 50 paylines. The number of paylines played is fixed. A payline is a pattern of adjacent symbol positions that line up on the reels. A win is awarded when matching symbols are next to each other on a payline. Payline wins run from left to right, starting with the first slot machine reel.

Betting rules

Each spin costs a bet amount. The total bet is based on the initial bet on each payline. The initial bet is the current bet divided by the number of paylines played. Withdrawal Rules Paylines are paid based on the initial wager. The payout value is based on the winning combination formed. When multiple winning combinations land on a payline, only the highest win is awarded.

Each symbol combination only awards the highest winning combination.

The total payout is the sum of all payline wins and scatter wins generated by the spin.

Wins shown are rounded down and are approximately the highest possible win on a single spin.

The paytable shows the odds for each symbol combination based on the current bet.

The paytable shows payouts in the player's currency.

wild symbol

Wild symbols can create their own winning combinations when entering payline combinations.

Wild symbols can substitute for all symbols except Scatter and Bonus symbols.

Scatter symbol

Scatters can create their own winning combinations by landing anywhere on the reels.

Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet.

Bonus Features

A bonus symbol anywhere on reels 1 and 5 triggers this feature.

Shows 6 coins.

When you select a coin, the bet multiplier is displayed.

A new set of 6 coins will appear.

The function ends when a collection is displayed.

Rewards the total win of all selected coins. This feature can only be triggered in the base game.

Royal League Features

This feature can be triggered randomly on any base game spin.

The function plays on a 49 grid.

There are 4 tiles colors corresponding to specific prices. This feature has 2 dice - the direction dice and the step dice. Choose the direction based on the outcome of the direction dice. Based on the result of the step, select the step to execute. Depending on the color of the tiles, there are different collection probabilities The function ends when the collection lands on the dice.

Players win prizes based on the color of the tiles they collect.

Wins earned during the feature will be added to the base game. This feature can only be triggered in the base game. token function Tokens appear on the reels of the base game. Every token that lands is collected in the token column. golden spin Collect 100 tokens to trigger this function. 1 of 3 items can be selected.

The selected item can award 8, 12 or 16 Golden Spins. Golden Spins are not free and the fee depends on the current stake. Each Golden Spin costs the current stake. 2x more likely to trigger Royal League during this feature. boost mode This feature is only available in the base game. The total bet is increased by x2. The function is triggered by selecting the ON and OFF buttons. During this feature, the chance to trigger the Royal League has been increased by 10 times.

Golden Spins are unavailable during this feature.

Autoplay allows to autoplay a selected number of spins. Total Spins: Sets the number of spins for an autoplay session. After these rotations are played, the autoplay ends. Loss Limit: Set the loss limit for autoplay sessions. Autoplay ends when the balance drops by this amount. Win Feature: Select this option to end the autoplay session when the feature is triggered. Single Win: Set the win limit for autoplay sessions. Autoplay ends when a single win reaches this value amount.

The number of spins remaining in the autoplay session is displayed in-game.

The spin is performed with the currently selected bet. Additional Information Some settings and features may not be available in this game. A glitch will void all payments and games. If disconnected, the final game state will be displayed when returning to the game.

Displays the result of the last match.

The balance is updated based on the amount won or lost. If the request does not reach the server before disconnecting, the result of the previous game will be displayed. Any running function that requires interaction or selection can continue. If the rules of the game are changed, they will be implemented in accordance with government requirements.

Return to the player Return to Player (RTP) is a theoretical statistical percentage of the total stake in the game, paid out over time. This value is fixed and will not change. The RTP of this game is 94.66%.

The probability of max win is 0.000000008166505286%.


Author: Microgaming

Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

The win up to amounts displayed on payout tables are rounded off values, and are an approximate value of the highest win possible for the game.

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