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Njoh Litumbe:Camer.beNjoh Mola Litumbe, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Alliance – LDA and frontline coordinator of SCNC rallies was the subject of attention Monday during a televised debate on 50 years of reunification of the two Cameroons at the Amphi-theatre 750 of the University of Buea – UB. Litumbe sounded a warning before unfolding his argument that he would not entertain any interruption from anyone in the name of time regulation. In the ensuing minutes that crowned his argument, the SCNC activist stated categorically that there is and has never been any union between Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun. He added that no peace can prevail in as much as the two parties do not come together to review their terms of reunion.
His countenance had turned red and his bile was raging with indignation when the activist of secession reminded the panelists in a wild tone that “we would have squandered our energy here for nothing if the two parties do not sit on the same table and sort out their differences by constituting a legal and consensual frame for reunification.”

 Litumbe drew more attention when he beckoned on the Prime Minister who personally attended the debate to get the message at first instance and not from secondary sources as has always been the case;

“I am happy because the Prime Minister is here. I want to sound here to the hearing of even his ministers who are sitting here that there is and there has never been any reunification between southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroon.” 
He drew his inspiration from a clause of the United Nations charter which stipulates that any two entities which agree to come together must put it down in a treaty and register it with the United Nations Organization; failure to do this renders the agreement null and void. For Litumbe, the union therefore remains null and void since nothing of the sort was registered with the UN. 

Litumbe described the union of the two Cameroons as an illegal courtship between a man and a woman or what he referred to as concubine marriage. Emphasizing on what he called the rule of law and quoting the UN charter, he pointed out that unification between two countries can only be by way of treaties and so since there has never been any treaty between Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun, “it means there is no legal union between the two Cameroons”. 

He however, admitted that he attended the 1961 Yaounde tripartite conference which was presided over by Amadou Ahidjo but regretted that the resolutions taken during the conference have up to date remain in the cupboards of francophone governing authorities.

Holding under the theme “from reunification to integration, 50 years of nation building, ´ the debate was organized as part of activities marking the 50th anniversary celebration of reunification of the two Cameroons to be presided over by President Biya on Thursday, February 20 in Buea

© Culled from Cameroon : Sylvanus Ezieh
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