ÉGYPTE :: Egypt:Egyptian General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi and his group must be arrested and put on trial
ÉGYPTE :: Egypt:Egyptian General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi and his group must be arrested and put on trial

Leon Tuam:Camer.beAbdul Fatah Al-Sisi is the Egyptian army chief General who decided to put an end to Mohamed Morsi’s presidency by removing him from office, on July 3th 2013, and suspended the Egyptian Constitution. This happened after long protests at Tahrir Square and other cities and places around the country.Afterward, the Egyptian military led by Al-Sisi have been taking but unpopular measures against the Muslim Brotherhood members. From the day they perpetrated the coup to now, no effort has been underway to appease this large angry population of Egypt that remains in pain after Mohamed Morsi’s removal.

Shortly after the coup d’état, on July 8th 2013 I wrote an article entitled: “Can Egypt avoid being milked, rocked and sucked by a long period of deep suffering, fierce violence and bloodshed?”

I showed that the coup was a historical colossal mistake and that the sole reasonable solution to the situation was to put Mr. Morsi back to power. Somewhere in that article I even went far and said the following:

“The members of the Muslim Brotherhood are not ready to give up the fight. If great measures are not taken, terrorists fighting in Syria, Libya and others will rush to Egypt and join their brothers in the fight to defend “democracy” in peril in the cruelest way. Egypt is not far from experiencing a very nasty war with blasts and car bombs, with attacks on famous sites and objects. Egypt skyline looks dark, darker.”

The last blow to Muslin Brotherhood came recently when General putschist Al-Sisi and his men decided, without investigations, to label it as “terrorist group” after a deadly blast on a police station. This other intimidating measure would not calm down the members of MB. They worked too hard along the years to just let it go easily, and the military know well, well.

Since President Morsi’s removal from power, everything has been done to close all doors of dialogue with the members and sympathizers of the MB: Fierce crackdown on demonstrators, killings and assassinations, arrests, fast and unjust trials and imprisonments, etc.

General Al-Sisi does know very well that with all the best police, the best military and the best Intelligence Service of the world, his team would not stop or silence all these people who elected Morsi and support him still.

These power-thirsty men who deposed Morsi are ill-intentioned. They did not act and are not acting for the betterment of Egyptian people. As we look at the measures that have been taken to date and the development of the situation, it is obvious that the coup d’état was perpetrated to attain ominous objectives.

The absence of a firm and decisive condemnation of the coup by the so-called International Community, the lack of voices calling the military to put Morsi back to power, and other facts let believe that there is something else behind it to be discovered sooner or later.

General Abdul F. Al-Sisi is Egyptian, indeed. But he does not look like someone who’s working for Egyptians. Time will come; they’ll discover that he’s a citizen of Egypt but on the papers. They’d discover that Al-Sisi was working for the others. Egypt won’t be in peace with this guy and his close friends around.

In a close future, Egypt will be plagued by more violence, more bloodshed and chaos. And as the situation worsens, more forces could be seen in Egypt with alien boots on some part of its soil; the situation could also help those boots to move and ‘chastise’ North Sudan before peace later comes back to Egypt.

Before that, even those who massively demonstrated against President Morsi and built the bridge to the military coup will discover their mistake; they’ll regret and feel guilty. Also, they’ll know that Democracy is but an empty risky bag that each country can fill its way, according to its environment and components.

© Correspondance : Léon Tuam,Author, Human rights activist and Instructor

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